Recently Played Dos Games

Castle of Dr. Brain – Great edutainment game by Sierra

Donald Duck’s Playground – Al Lowe’s game, early sierra edutainment, amazing game, a little slow for today’s standards

King’s Quest I (AGD Interactive remake) – Amazing remake to the first KQ game

Sango Fighter – Brandon Cobb’s upgraded version.

Mixed up mother goose VGA (1992) – Beautiful 3rd version of this kids’ game which is a simple adventure game teaching kids children rhymes. (4th version is too complex to play as it is a win3.1 game).

King’s Quest II (AGD Interactive remake) – Amazing remake which actually adds lots of content aside from removing dead ends and adding beautiful graphics.

King’s Quest III (AGD Interactive remake) – Amazing remake making the whole potion/magic part much easier.

Commander Keen I – Using Commander Genius, great platformer game.

Commander Keen 3.5 Keen Dreams – Played the Super Fighter’s team version for Android!

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