Episode #1 – Hello Podcast!

Dos Games Hub
Dos Games Hub
Episode #1 - Hello Podcast!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new Podcast  РDos Games Hub.

In this podcast I intend to play DOS games and make some research over each game, then post a post per game where I will publish my conclusions about the game with links to relevant sources, pros and cons of the game, tips, technical details and other stuff I see fit, with the post I will record my podcast show where I will talk about the above details.

record photo

So here it comes for good or for worse…


I put a focus on the podcast shows of course, but I also put a focus on the ¬†posts about the podcasts where I will write about the game, post important links and have downloadable content relevant to the game, I will also have a nice category page for each series of games (eg: Might and Magic, King’s Quest etc).


Next show I will talk about Donald Duck’s Playground by Sierra


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