Dos Games Hub

Dos Games Hub is my private hub where serene photoI run away from real life (wife, kids, job etc) and find my private peace playing good old dos games.



record photoIn this hub I intend to record a new podcast when I finish to play a dos game, where I will summary my experience in playing the game as well as some tips, links and stories. I will try and have a nice page for each podcast where I will be able to put the shownotes. I don’t expect my casts to be long as English is┬ánot my primary language.


folder photoAlong the podcast I intend to add a nice category page for every game series I play (Might & magic, King’s quest etc) where I will have a short summary about the series, and some common links for the series.


Enjoy your stay, listen to my podcasts, keep me in your favorites and don’t be shy of sending me feedback.




Where a working guy plays his games

Dos Games Hub